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How to keep the undivided attention of your audience

Getting and keeping the undivided attention of your audience is harder than ever. All the more reason to make room for interaction and to minimize distraction. Use crowdbeamer, if you want your next presentation to be more successful.


Looking for an innovative meeting format to boost creative thinking?

Think about the experience and knowledge of everybody on your team combined! What an extensive resource of valuable ideas and inspiration. Above all, it’s a resource that you can easily tap into. One way to do so is to organize your team meetings in a different way, preparing for something far better than one-way communication and passive listening.


Why do so many speakers have cold feet about digital conference handouts?

Cold feet about making digital conference handouts available to your audience? Most conference speakers find it a challenge to keep the attention of the audience during their presentation.


Why note taking and conference handouts go hand in hand

Note taking has always been very popular at conferences. Find out what many discussions with conference delegates have revealed on this.


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