What should you be looking for in a conference room?

Stephan Roosen

Published by Stephan Roosen on April 10, 2019

The size of a conference room typically varies depending on its intended use: conference calls, board meetings, management discussions, or other decision-making meetings. More often than not, conference rooms are the most versatile rooms in any organization (along with huddle spaces) and are among the best-equipped office spaces in terms of AV technology.

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What features should a good conference room have?

A conference room is obviously a place where a lot of important decisions are made. So how to make sure it is optimized for critical thinking and problem-solving behavior? Let’s have a look at a number of features that are considered essential for every conference room:

Ready to use

Generally speaking, conference rooms are often booked well in advance. Nevertheless, they should be available for use at short notice as well, with all equipment readily available and usable by both employees and guests. Conference rooms should help people work together toward a common goal, allowing them to conduct quick status reports, share updates and set weekly goals before heading back to their workspace.


Both the equipment and setup of the conference room need to be rather formal, given the nature of the meetings that are held here. Since this is often the first or only room that guests encounter, making a good first impression is important here.

Fully equipped

As conference rooms can be used for a variety of meetings, each with their own needs and objectives, it is important to make sure all expectations are met. Meetings should never get highjacked by the search for equipment.


Conference rooms are designed to keep confidential information and conversations (such as breakthrough ideas, product launches, and other classified information) behind closed doors. Attendees should feel safe to discuss any topic without any worries about confidential information leaving the room.

What about the design & setup of a conference room?

Share in person with your students

To ensure everyone is able to contribute to the meeting, make sure your conference room provides tools that foster collaboration:

  • Television displays,
  • Video conferencing technology,
  • Interactive screens,

Once the meeting is in progress, the setting of the conference room should help all participants focus on the agenda without any interruption or distractions. It is, therefore, best to opt for a neutral, business-oriented environment with colours that provide a relaxed working environment.

Depending on the purpose of the meeting, conference rooms may be set up in various styles.

Auditorium Style

Conference room layout - theater

Banquet Style

Conference room layout - banquet rounds

Hollow Square Style

Conference room layout - hollow square

Classroom (also called “Cinema”)

Conference room layout - classroom

U-Shape Style

Conference room layout - U shape

Conference Style

Conference room layout - boardroom

Conference room technology

In a business setting, it is important to provide instant access to the tools people need to deliver a great presentation. Whether they choose to show videos, share slides, or have an expert join the session via video-conferencing, that should be possible without any hassle.

Conference rooms should include technologies such as:
  • Projectors,
  • Smartboards,
  • Visual displays,
  • Presentation systems,
  • Collaboration systems,
  • Video conferencing systems,

No matter the technology you chose for your conference room, keep in mind that it should be reliable, easy to use and platform agnostic, and that it should be possible to integrate with other technologies.

Make it easy for everybody to join the discussion

Go for a well-designed conference room, with state-of-the-art tech gear, modern details and a pinch of personality to create an atmosphere of relevancy and confidence. And why not add crowdbeamer to your conference room, making sure everybody finds it easy to join the discussion?

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