Five tips for winning student engagement in class

Hans Romaen

Published by Hans Romaen on January 10, 2019

Let’s face it: it can be hard to keep students engaged during class. That’s why it’s so important to connect with them in ways that are meaningful to them. Let me share five tips on how educational technology can help you with that.

#1 Go digital

Today’s students are digital natives. Hence, the integration of educational technology into daily teaching and learning is a BIG motivation factor for them. Students expect mobile devices and digital apps to be an essential part of their future jobs and private lives. Likewise, educational technology can help you win student engagement in class. That’s because it makes your students feel connected to their future.

Crowdbeamer, the winner of a Best of Show Award Tech & Learning at InfoComm US, is exceptionally well suited for this. It consists of a device that streams any screen content straight to your students’ mobile devices and a free app to capture that content. With the app enabling students to build their course notes during class, there’s no better way to get them actively engaged.


Share in person with your students

Crowdbeamer is a digital solution allowing you to share with every student in person during class


#2 Share in person

Educational technology makes it easy to connect your students to the world outside. You can use pictures, video, multimedia, and various online resources to make educational content more relevant to them. However, how do you share that content most effectively during class? If you are only using a big projector screen in front of the classroom, then you’re missing a big opportunity. To get your students much more interested, use crowdbeamer to stream educational content straight to their laptops, tablets or smartphones.

Apart from providing every student with the best view in class, this makes for an entirely different sharing experience. Your students will like that you’re using educational technology to share content with them in person. Nothing will stop them from actively working with that content. They can zoom in to get an even better view or capture and save snapshots on their mobile device. It’s this kind of direct and more personal connection that is crucial to winning student engagement in class.


It’s great that students get to see the information on the screen of their laptop or tablet at the very moment I am sharing it with them. The ability for them to add text on the spot and to save a summary of my explanations with the screenshots of the slides offers substantial added value.

Lecturer – Aeres University of Applied Sciences (Wageningen, the Netherlands)


#3 Free up time for questions

Since your students can decide for themselves when to capture snapshots using the crowdbeamer app, they don’t have to worry about missing valuable information. At the same time, they can go far beyond capturing what they see on their mobile devices. By adding comments to their snapshots, for example, they can quickly build their course notes.

Most important of all: your students no longer feel the urge to scribble anything they can read in the content you share with them. They get more time to listen, to think about the educational content and to ask relevant questions. That’s how crowdbeamer stimulates your students’ curiosity. Isn’t that a vital element of any successful learning process?


Crowdbeamer is the perfect tool for my students to use during my classes. Students spend too much time writing. I’d rather have them do less of that, and think more about what I’m teaching. That’s precisely what crowdbeamer makes possible.

Prof. Dr. Rebekka Schmidt – Art Didactics professor at the University of Paderborn (Germany)


#4 Choose the best location & setup

Crowdbeamer facilitates classroom setups that encourage student engagement, interacting and learning together. That can be a “Teacher in the Middle” setup, an open square with the open side facing the smartboard, or even a fluid classroom arrangement changing with evolving learning needs. Educational technology like crowdbeamer keeps you no longer tied to a big projector screen or a flat panel display in front of the classroom. Instead, crowdbeamer gives you full flexibility to organize the class depending on your students’ needs.


Share in person with your students

Crowdbeamer is the perfect solution to share with your students during any outdoor learning activity


And thanks to crowdbeamer’s built-in WiFi and battery, you can even use it during any outdoor or on-the-job learning activities. Outdoor and on-the-job learning appear to be excellent approaches to motivating students in a context that is relevant to them. Using crowdbeamer during such activities makes it easy to share supporting content from your tablet or digital camera, strengthening your students’ learning experience. By shifting the classroom away from rows of desks to an open environment, crowdbeamer promotes on-the-job learning and collaboration.

#5 Start winning student engagement now

Getting students more interested, stimulating their curiosity, promoting interaction and collaboration: those are all significant steps forward in winning student engagement in class. What are you waiting for to get started in your class?

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