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Five tips for winning student engagement in class

Let’s face it: it can be hard to keep students engaged during class. That’s why it’s so important to connect with them in ways that are meaningful to them. Let me share five tips on how educational technology can help you with that. #1 Go digital Today’s students are digital natives. Hence, the integration of...


Why using Apple TV with crowdbeamer makes for better business meetings

Using Apple TV with crowdbeamer makes for business meetings, extending benefits of wireless presentation to all meeting participants and enabling presenters to create more impact.


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Dare to share digital handouts to protect your ideas!

Be bold. Share digital handouts of that presentation on which you’ve spent a lot of time. Get that digital copy of your business card to your audience.


Why not add your ideas directly to a meeting’s live handouts?

In case you always had the idea it would be so nice to directly add notes to a meeting’s “live handouts”: read this blog post on note taking.


How to give engaging presentations?

Never forget that the only purpose of giving a presentation is to engage your audience. Keep it simple. Tell a story. Just don’t do all the talking.


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