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What should you be looking for in a conference room?

Conference rooms usually feature quite a bit of AV technology and are among the most versatile office spaces in any organization. Add crowdbeamer to your setup, and make it easy for everybody to join the discussion.


Are huddle rooms the right solution for you?

Huddle rooms are gaining popularity within many companies as a perfect solution for different types of meetings. Why are huddle rooms so popular, and – more importantly – how can you take advantage of the many benefits this type of meeting room can offer?


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Why do so many speakers have cold feet about digital conference handouts?

Cold feet about making digital conference handouts available to your audience? Most conference speakers find it a challenge to keep the attention of the audience during their presentation.


Why note taking and conference handouts go hand in hand

Note taking has always been very popular at conferences. Find out what many discussions with conference delegates have revealed on this.


Dare to share digital handouts to protect your ideas!

Be bold. Share digital handouts of that presentation on which you’ve spent a lot of time. Get that digital copy of your business card to your audience.


Why not add your ideas directly to a meeting’s live handouts?

In case you always had the idea it would be so nice to directly add notes to a meeting’s “live handouts”: read this blog post on note taking.


How to give engaging presentations?

Never forget that the only purpose of giving a presentation is to engage your audience. Keep it simple. Tell a story. Just don’t do all the talking.


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